Erik Boker

The Failure of Flatness

Elmo Plush Toy, 2014Double Cheeseburger with Special Sauce, 2014Documenta XI Catalog, minus Short Guide, 2015Ugg Classic Boot, Color: Sand, 2015Vintage 1986 World Series Championship Cap, 2014KFC 6-piece Chicken Dinner, 2016

When an object is photographed, a transformation inherently takes place. A three-dimensional thing has now become a two-dimensional thing, a flat representation.

What can be extracted if you interrupt the process of translation when an object becomes a photograph?
What failures occur in that flattening? What happens when an object seeks its own two-dimensionality,
or wants to become a photograph itself? Potentially, a brackish solid-liquid soup?
A John Carpenter-esque half-formed in-between "thing," as we saw in the unseen transformative monster in his “The Thing?”

These objects/photographs are an ongoing collection of cultural objects extracted and documented, as tests and research continue.