Erik Boker

Product Dissections, Part 1

Aquafresh, Extra Fresh, 2008Aquafresh, Extreme Clean Empowermint, 2008Colgate Max Fresh, Kiss Me Mint, 2008Colgate Total Mint Stripe, 2008Crest Whitening with Scope, Citrus Splash, 2008Colgate Junior, Bubble Fruit, 2008Oral B Stages (For Kids), Bubble Gum Magic, Disney Princesses, 2008Mini Aquafresh, Extra Fresh, 2008

An exploration of the roles of art, artifact, taxonomy, the consumer, the museum and institution, product and marketing, and our relationships with seemingly insignificant objects and materials that affect us daily. It is an autopsied re-presentation of an artifact of our marketed culture of need. While peeling back the skins of consumerism offers a revealed view within the plastic layers of what we consume, there is delicate tension between death, health, and hygiene collided with 'extreme' marketing.