Erik Boker


Cowboy Americanus, 2006Pines, 2007Chief, 2006Light and Painting, 2007River, 2007Rhino, 2007Wildlife, 2007Coke, 2007Rainforest, 2007T-Rex, 2007Farm, 2007Gardener, 2006Autumn, 2007

LandGrace is an exploration into the museology of our lives, how we view nature and landscape, and questions the notion of the iconic. The historical museum and dioramas, whose paused, poetic moments resemble those of photographs, are premeditated and cautiously assembled, yet blatantly artificial and static. The authenticity of the museum again comes to the fore, with nature presented to us lit by artificial lights. Some are photographs made within existing museum dioramas, while others are staged and photographed. The title itself is a reversal of Graceland, at once a preserved 'museum' of an enshrined icon and also of the American cultural landscape itself. To paraphrase Mark Dion, this work is not about nature, but rather about ideas about nature.