Erik Boker

Infinity Goes Up On Trial

Selection, in part, from the CollectionMinstrel Boys #1, With Coins, 1970Panama Hat, 1975A Pie That Smells, 1967Rambling Shoes, 1962Deleted Repetition #283, 1975World as a Little Toy with Postcard of the Pyramids, 1963-71Erased Thought #122, 1969Deleted Phrase #247, 1971Chrome Horse, a Diplomat, and a Siamese Cat, 1965Henry's Apple (Got Your Fly), 1971Judas, 1966Field Dispatch #73, Right Foot Brake Lever, Triumph T100Mule (With Jewels and Binoculars), 1966A Bottle of Bread, 1967Archive Photograph, Lou's Living Room, 1951Teenage Hair, 1967Postcard of the Hanging, 1965Skeleton Keys and Rain, 1966

∞ Things (That I'm A'sayin') ∞

An investigation into untranslatability 

Infinity Goes Up On Trial investigates entanglements of translation between object, language, image, artifact, and their respective relationships with ethnography, institutional systemology, and the function of the museum.

In a meshwork of referential associations, the project explores an ever-growing collection of objects, photographs, interviews and stories, brought together through an underlying code based on an undisclosed (or, barely disclosed) pop cultural icon. The text and biography served as the generative vessel for materializing objects, collecting artifacts, displays, and the absurd structural framework of the museum itself, as it were. An archaeology of language, and music.

Perhaps a ridiculous Borgesian upside-down order, a map and also a museum, a "collection" of things said, a root to encounter things and images, the structure then becomes built on the undefined.

One culmination of the project is a publication, a suggestible "catalog" of the collection, a material collection of images which sought to ask in part: 

Can a catalog replace the necessity of objects in a museum?