Erik Boker

Infinity Goes Up On Trial - The Book

Limited Edition Artist Book, Ed. of 5, 2013 24 x 17cm, 170 pgs. Unique letterpress cover with wrap + Appendix book, structural floorplan insert, and loose print

Can the image of an object replace the necessity of the material object itself? Can a catalog – a material collection of images – replace the necessity of the museum?

This is an archive, inherently as an evolving form, in photographs, questioning its own existence, and – infinite. The book is in one sense a walk through a museum, through the main and ancillary levels, and the gaps between the collected information. It is both a structure and a comment on structure - word, object, translation, music - as in this version the editing process was handed over freely to rhythm - of a few certain specific songs. Designed in collaboration with Adrien Borderie.